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Home Tuition Closed (Item #54669)
Auction Info
Listing ID: 54669
Posted by Member: jimmikin
Auction Type: standard
Preview Until: Mar 24, 2017
Listing Began: Mar 24, 2017
Auction End: Sep 20, 2017
Time Remaining:
High Bidder: no bids
Minimum Bid: $0.01 SGD
# of Bids: no bids bid history
Quantity Available: 1
Starting Bid: $0.01 SGD

City/Town: Singapore
State/Province: SG
Country: Singapore
Phone: Call me now 93697940
Fax: 93697940
Click lead image below to zoom:

  • Home tuition
  • Home Tuition
jimmikin (0)
Member Since: Mar 2017
Feedback Score: 0
# of Ratings: 0 - Score: (0feedback icon)
Seller Accepts: Credit card, Personal check, Money order or Cashiers check
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We have part time tutor and full time teachers for every level from primary school to junior college. For your interest we provide Music and swimming lesson.
The benefits from us:
- Get up to 20% discount for EPB assessment books
-Accumulate every points for every dollar you spent and redeem it with shopping vouchers
-Get FREE E learning
Interested please contact me at 93697940 - Jim 

View All My Listings | Email me now Contact Me Now | Call me now 93697940

Please quote when calling / contacting us. Thanks.
(Always be prudent when dealing with unfamiliar sellers and buyers!)
Other Details
Link to this page: 
Groups/Entities:  Trust Tuition Agency
Keyword Tags:  Tuition
Audience Class: General-friendly

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Contact Member / Seller of this Listing : jimmikin

View All My Listings | Email me now Contact Me Now | Call me now 93697940

Please quote when calling / contacting us. Thanks.
(Always be prudent when dealing with unfamiliar sellers and buyers!)
Home Tuition Closed
Listing ID: 54669
Minimum Bid: $0.01 SGD
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