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[ Classified ] Category: Main > Philippines > Real Estate/Property > Condominiums
West Veranda (Item #54464)
Classified Ad Info
Listing ID: 54464
Posted by Member: cgcarlo
City/Town: Taguig City
State/Province: OTH
Country: Philippines
Phone: Call me now +63928 3036427
Price (if applicable): $345,000.00 USD
Listing Began: Dec 12, 2016
Click lead image below to zoom:


Alveo Land Inc.




“Suburban Enclave Living”

Location: Arca South, Taguig City

Type: Residential Condominium



Master planned by award winning, US based architecture firm Architecture International, ARCA South is a kick start on the former Food Terminal Inc. (FTI). An ideal location for inspiring change, Taguig City’s Newest Central Business and Lifestyle District pushes forward to progress through access, variety and efficiency.


Strategically located along the East Service Road of the South Luzon Expressway and is easily accessible via C-5.

The new establishment consists of a mixed-use commercial development with retail, commercial, office, institutional, residential developments and other uses.

The development will be beside the much anticipated modern Integrated Transport System (ITS) planned by the Department of Transportation and Communication. The ITS will serve as a central station for all provincial buses carrying passengers to and from Laguna, Batangas, Quezon and the Bicol Region. The Integrated Transport System is also beside a PNR rail station which can link passengers to other areas of Metro Manila, and the rest of Luzon.

Accessibility remains a key advantage of Arca South as the government also plans to create a direct link from the Metro Manila Skyway, which will also extend to the C-5 and C-6 highways. With the Skyway connection, it will make Arca South more accessible to the international airport, the Makati Central Business District and Bonifacio Global City.



In the next 5 years when Arca South, a 74-hectare development reaches its first phase of completion, this part of the capital will not only become “a city in sync,” but it will also turn into a gateway connecting key cities in the metro as well as growth centers in the North and South.

This signature Ayala Land development is expected to become home to some 60,000 residents and 400,000 office workers in the coming years.

Arca South Phase 1 Timeline


-launch of residential developments

-groundbreaking of Ayala malls, offices and Seda hotel


-completion of Phase 1 infrastructure and road works


-completion of 1 st 2 BPO Towers

-Ayala malls opening


-Phase 1 completion of residential developments

-Seda hotel opening

-completion of 3 rd and 4 th BPO Towers

-QualiMed hospital opening


-completion of 5 th BPO Tower


Introducing Our First Tower: THE VERANDA
A 13 to 14 floors low density midrise condo development strategically located near retail area and park; just a stone throw away from the mall

UNIT Type (North 4 th Tower)

Studio:  29 - 30 sqm;   Php 4 – 4.3M

1BR:     58 - 59 sqm;   Php 7.8 – 10.4M

2BR:     72 - 81 sqm;   Php 11.3M – 13.5M

3BR:    114 -121 sqm;  Php 15.6 – 17.5M


-Phase 1: 2018/19

-Phase 2: 2020


THE INNOVATION: Aeroflux System

Ayala Land continues to challenge the limits to innovation as it introduces the latest feature in condominium development…. Aeroflux means Aero (air) – Flux (fluidity) – Lux (light)

The Components of Aeroflux [Bifurcation – Atriums – Skylight - Corridor Windows]

By bifurcating the building, the design creates an interesting form of architecture and encourages natural ventilation and light to enter through the atrium.

The atrium concept allows natural ventilation to circulate within the interior common areas. Cross Ventilation is achieved within the units by adding windows along the corridors.

As fresh air travels inside the building, the warm air is pushed up and outwards towards the exhaust vents along the skylight.

ARCA SOUTH jumpstarts a fresh beat on lifestyle, making this hotspot a dynamic place to Dine, Shops, Live, Work and Invest.


For Inquiries & Viewing:


Property Specialist

Alveo Land Corp.

Cell number: +63928 3036427

Tel: (+632) 655 4746



Other Details
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Groups/Entities:  North Veranda at Arca South, East Veranda at Arca South, South Veranda at Arca South, West Veranda at Arca South, The Veranda at Arca South, Arbor Lanes, Arbor Lanes at Arca South, Park Triangle Residences, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Keyword Tags:  North Veranda at Arca South, East Veranda at Arca South, South Veranda at Arca South, West Veranda at Arca South, The Veranda at Arca South, Arbor Lanes, Arbor Lanes at Arca South, Park Triangle Residences, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Audience Class: General-friendly

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Member Since: Mar 2015
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