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[ Classified ] Category: Main > Philippines > Real Estate/Property > Land & Development
Riomonte (Item #54453)
Classified Ad Info
Listing ID: 54453
Posted by Member: cgcarlo
City/Town: Santa Rosa City
State/Province: OTH
Country: Philippines
Phone: Call me now +63928 3036427
Price (if applicable): $175,000.00 USD
Listing Began: Dec 11, 2016
Click lead image below to zoom:


Ayala Land Premier




“Upscale Tropical Parkland Living”

Location: Nuvali City, Sta. Rosa, Laguna (The Next Makati)

Type: Pre-Selling Residential Lot


NUVALI City is a sustainable 2,290 hectare mix use estate, developed by Ayala Land, Inc in the burgeoning CALABARZON region. To date, the property has two existing retail areas, two schools (Xavier and Miriam College), two office buildings, a wake park, etc.

Upcoming developments include a new mall, called Solenad 3 which will feature 4 cinemas and 40,000 sqm of retail space opening this 3rd quarter 2015, S&R Nuvali branch and a hospital under the Ayala Brand, Qualimed General Hospital by 2nd quarter 2016.
Our newest offering inside our NUVALI development by Ayala Land Premier called "RIOMONTE" which means River and Mountain.

It is a parkland development surrounded by contiguous parks and open spaces, complemented by clubhouse amenities. This is adjacent to the existing Miriam College school in NUVALI.



Approximately 50% of the subdivision’s total land area is dedicated to green space, amenities and roadways.

At the heart of the development is an expansive Main Park which stretches 700 meters and has a width of 30 to 170 meters. The Main Park connects to a sprawling 4.5 hectare Ridge Park.

LUSH Rain Gardens and Pocket Parks

The village is provided with rain gardens and pocket parks that are 120 to 1,900 sqm large. Natural waterways are intertwined with the village’s main roadways. Major waterways were converted into rain gardens, while the minor waterways were incorporated into the drainage system

A VILLAGE embraced by landscaped spaces

8 to 10 meter perimeter parks complete the entire park system of Riomonte.

WIDE Frontage Lots

The village will feature a select number of lots that have 25 meter frontages thereby maximizing the views of the ridge park. Minimum frontage for all lots is 15 meters.

A COMMUNITY where commutes are relaxing

Rustic tree lined village roads meander amid the verdant landscape, accentuating the rolling terrain and allowing the residents to experience a rejuvenating trip to and from their homes.


LOCATION and Access:

-Vesta, Nuvali

-Near Miriam College and Republic Wakepark

-Accessible to Nuvali’s commercial centers, educational institutions, leisure facilities and amenities

-Riomonte will have two entrance gates, both located along Evoliving Parkway

Accessible via South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) through:

*Mamplasan Exit

*Sta. Rosa Exit

*Eton/Malitlit Exit



Gross Land Area: 85 hectares

Lot Size Range: 480 to 890 sqm

Average Lot Size: 531 sqm

Lot Price:                

Php 8 – 24M        


Number of Lots: 844 lots

Density: 10 lots per hectare

Turnover: 2017-18

Project Completion: 2021 Q1


A VILLAGE of 5 Pocket Nieghborhoods

Riomonte is composed of five pocker neighborhoods. Each pocket has an exclusive entrance and consists of only 130 to 200 homes.

Accessibility to Parks and Amenities

-The central location of the amenity core allows for easy access for all residents.

-An active zone is located in the east, while the social zone is set in the west.

-Parks and playing fields provide an opportunity for adventurous play for the kids and the kids at heart.

*Affinity Zone

-Social Hall

-Resident’s Lounge

*Activity Zone

-Multipurpose Court

-Indoor Fitness Area

-Children’s Play Area

-Swimming Pool

Riomonte will be the First Ayala Land Premier subdivision in Nuvali to offer lot cuts around 480 sqm!


For Inquiries & Viewing:


Property Specialist

Ayala Land Premier

Cell number: +63928 3036427

Tel: (+632) 655 4746



Other Details
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Groups/Entities:  Riomonte, Soliento, Nuvali, Nuvali City, Ayala Land Premier, Montecito, Abrio, Lumira, Mondia, Santa Rosa Laguna
Keyword Tags:  Riomonte, Soliento, Nuvali, Nuvali City, Ayala Land Premier, Montecito, Abrio, Lumira, Mondia, Santa Rosa Laguna
Audience Class: General-friendly

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