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[ Classified ] Category: Main > World Trade
Fathers Fathers Day Gift HEART FELT Seb deBard Fathers Gifts (Item #53966)
Classified Ad Info
Listing ID: 53966
Posted by Member: selvinba
City/Town: England
State/Province: OTH
Country: United Kingdom
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Price (if applicable): $20.00 USD
Listing Began: Jul 25, 2016
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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift


- Exciting Exhilarating Explosive -


Hard HEART FELT by Seb de Bard

for Fathers< / sup>< / sup>< / sup>< / sup> 4 765&sr=1-1 f elt


- A Classic Collectible Gift for Father’s Day -


Gizmos Break and Don't Last......
Gadgets Fail ..OOPS!..the Fun is Past......
Get Dad HEART FELT by Seb de Bard

.....going fast fast fast......

(ISBN 9780956118509)


Fathers RATE ‘Heart Felt’, Seb de Bard’s Father’s Day Special. Get Fathers HEART FELT on Father’s Day with this Fascinating Father’s Day Gift for your Extraordinary Father on Father’s Day. New Age Fathers Enjoy Heart Felt by Seb de Bard on Father’s Day....    

You’ll be surprised with Seb de Bard’s contemporary twist to classic erudite exposition of ageless and at times tumultuous truth that lies within the bizarre and wonderful aspects of us all.

Excellent Standard English with Chapters & Index -

Give Fathers a HEART FELT Father’s Day with this Fun Fantastic Father’s Day Gift – Warm the cockles of Father’s heart with HEART FELT by Seb de Bard.  Put a pep in the step and heat in the beat of your Father’s heart with Seb de Bard’s ‘Heart Felt’ on Father’s Day 2011

Seb has developed written works for world leaders, royalty, top celebrities, sports personalities and more...


Father’s Day ROCKs with Seb de Bard’s ‘Heart Felt’, the FATHER’S DAY Special. Get Father HEART FELT by Seb de Bard this Father’s Day with this Quality FATHER’S DAY Gift for Exceptional Fathers this Father’s Day, 2011 - Excite Father’s Day - Enjoy Heart Felt by Seb de Bard for a Brilliant Father‘s Day....



Let Dad have a Heartfelt Fathering time this Father’s Day with this special Father’s Day Gift: ‘Heart Felt’ by Seb de Bard. Celebrate Father’s Day with warm heartfelt Father’s Day greetings giving this loving Father’s Day Classic Gift: Seb de Bard’s ‘Heart Felt’ - Top FATHER’S LOVE Gift for Father’s Day 2011.…


Enjoy  your Special Father’s Day Love


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Keyword Tags:  father day gift ideas,fathers day crafts,cheap father's day gifts,unique fathers gift ideas,fathers day tie,fathers day,unusual father's day gifts,good fathers day gifts,father's day gift,fathers day gifts ideas,personalised father's da
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Member Since: Dec 2008
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