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Singapore No. 1 Membership job portal Closed (Item #49075)
Auction Info
Listing ID: 49075
Posted by Member: jobsnapp
Auction Type: standard
Preview Until: Jun 10, 2014
Listing Began: Jun 10, 2014
Auction End: Aug 9, 2014
Time Remaining:
High Bidder: no bids
Minimum Bid: $200,000.00 USD
# of Bids: no bids bid history
Quantity Available: 1
Starting Bid: $200,000.00 USD
Buy Now Price: $500,000.00 USD
City/Town: Singapore
State/Province: SG
Country: Singapore
Phone: Call me now (+65)96378841
Click lead image below to zoom:
jobsnapp (0)
Member Since: Jun 2014
Feedback Score: 0
# of Ratings: 0 - Score: (0feedback icon)
Seller Accepts: PayPal, Personal check
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As above. We foresee it will be a growing market in Singapore recruitment industry but due to individual contribution, it may be hard for us to make it happen. So looking to sell it to businesses with capital to make it big.

One simple posting would have cost a company $100 over dollars and this may not even allows them to pick the right candidate and having to spend the money again. With us, we only charge a fixed fees for a period of duration and employers can re list the job if they still unable to find candidate.

Interested investor can drop me a mail for discussion

The society has been constantly changing. People’s mind set of today working has evolved tremendously.  Everyone has turn to online to get work done fast and affordable and it gives one the freedom to work as and when they like. is a totally new hiring platform that bring hiring to the next new level.




Need help in reviving your business? Worried about a hefty sum to pay for consultancy firm? 

No Worries!

Here in Jobsnapp, we provide you the full access to Employees/Freelancers's profiles (viewing their latest portfolio and skill sets). Depending on what you need (Design, marketing, accounting etc), you can choose whom you preferred to work wiith, engage them at a much affordable rate with the same quality produced!




No time for family? Required a 2nd source of income? Come join us now!

Jobsnapp is not only just a normal job portal, short term assignment, project based can be also found in here where you can depending on the amount of free times you have, to earn an additional income.

It is no longer a 9 to 5 work, Companies are now looking into outsourcing assignment to freelancers. So why wait!

View All My Listings | Email me now Contact Me Now | Call me now (+65)96378841

Please quote when calling / contacting us. Thanks.
(Always be prudent when dealing with unfamiliar sellers and buyers!)
Other Details
Link to this page: 
Keyword Tags:  job, employer, task, freelancer, employee, hiring
Audience Class: General-friendly

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Contact Member / Seller of this Listing : jobsnapp

View All My Listings | Email me now Contact Me Now | Call me now (+65)96378841

Please quote when calling / contacting us. Thanks.
(Always be prudent when dealing with unfamiliar sellers and buyers!)
Singapore No. 1 Membership job portal Closed
Listing ID: 49075
Minimum Bid: $200,000.00 USD
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