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[ Classified ] Category: Main > Singapore > Services/Products & Business Guide > Business & Professional
Photocopy services Colour & B/W with FREE delivery* (Item #42010)
Classified Ad Info
Listing ID: 42010
Posted by Member: tydale
City/Town: Serangoon Gardens
State/Province: SG
Country: Singapore
Phone: Call me now 65 90069106
Fax: 65 63691995
Price (if applicable): $0.02 SGD
Listing Began: Sep 10, 2017
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Testimonial: "I would like to provide my feedback on your services which you have provided for Hope Community Kindergarten (CCK). All these years, you have given good service to us with regards to being reliable & dependable. I can always rely on you for a job well done. My staff & i are very satisfied with your services & we hope to continue to have a good business rapport with you in the months to come." - Principal.

TYDALE SERVICES has been providing professional B/W and colour photocopy services to many major clients in Singapore since 2001. There is FREE pick up and delivery with a minimum of SGD50. FREE stapling and hole-punching service for all photocopy jobs. Affordable rates. 100% Q.C. checked, top quality copies every time!

Some of our customers are MindChamps SG, PAP Education Ctrs, Bootstrap Pte Ltd, Ad Astra Pte Ltd, Orbit Academic Centre, Hope Community Kdgn, Kiddiwinkie Place, Qian Hu Fish Farm, Capital Safety, Grace Church, ITC School of Laws, SCGS, Nan Chiau High, Temasek Poly, etc. Just to name a few...

Please visit our website at to view testimonies of our satisfied customers and all other information that you need to know about us.

Please call Edwin at 9006 9106 for a non-obligatory discussion or e-mail to We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!..... CALL 9006 9106

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Please quote when calling / contacting us. Thanks.
(Always be prudent when dealing with unfamiliar sellers and buyers!)
Other Details
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Keyword Tags:  photocopy service, photocopy shop, cheap photocopy, free delivery,
Audience Class: General-friendly

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Contact Member / Seller of this Listing : tydale

View All My Listings | Email me now Contact Me Now | Call me now 65 90069106

Please quote when calling / contacting us. Thanks.
(Always be prudent when dealing with unfamiliar sellers and buyers!)
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tydale (0)
Member Since: May 2009
Feedback Score: 0
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