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[ Classified ] Category: Main > Singapore > Everything Else
Classified Ad Info
Listing ID: 37595
Posted by Member: adamkoh
City/Town: SIngapore
State/Province: SG
Country: Singapore
Phone: Call me now ( 65) 91715659
Price (if applicable): $138.00 SGD
Listing Began: May 10, 2012
Click lead image below to zoom:

  • Custom 3D Unusually Figurines
  • Personalized Lovely Moonlight Couple Figurines



Unusually Creation custom made figurines will bail you out of trouble every time a special occasion is getting closer, and you need a thoughtful gift. These figurines are the most personal item available today. Custom gifts are back and mass made presents are no longer an option. With a customized figurine , you can show your friends, family and colleagues just how well you know them and the things they like. The figurines from Unusually combine the best of modern techniques and manual dexterity for a one of a kind creation.

** More Than 100++ New 2010 Launched Standard Designs Can Be View Here :

Those interested to find out more. Do feel free to contact us at follow:-

Brought to u by : UNUSUALLY (

Unusually Blog   :

Unusually Email  :

Contact Nos     : (65) 9171 5659

* Join our Unusually Fan Facebook at:

* Join our Facebook Group at:

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Please quote when calling / contacting us. Thanks.
(Always be prudent when dealing with unfamiliar sellers and buyers!)
Other Details
Link to this page: 
Groups/Entities:  Unusually, Youth Council, PAP, Singapore Primary School, Sentosa, NYC, ExxoMobile, Singtel, M1, PSP, Ngee Ann
Keyword Tags:  custom bobblehead figurines, gifts, personalized wedding couple figurines, unusually figurines, adam koh, caricature drawing, bobblehead, special gifts, customized corporate gifts, personalized 3D figurines
Audience Class: General-friendly

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Contact Member / Seller of this Listing : adamkoh

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Please quote when calling / contacting us. Thanks.
(Always be prudent when dealing with unfamiliar sellers and buyers!)
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adamkoh (0)
Member Since: Apr 2008
Feedback Score: 0
# of Ratings: 0 - Score: (0feedback icon)
Seller Accepts: PayPal, Credit card, Personal check, Money order or Cashiers check
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